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XML Changer Add-on:

Add-On For Any Chrome Drop Menu Template

Note: Do not setup and test the Flash using the Safari or Google Chrome browsers. It is recommended that you use IE or Firefox for testing.

Step 1:
Copy the "XMLChanger" folder, the "XMLChanger.htm" and the "help-XMLChanger.html" files from this zip file into your template folder. This will be where your "index.html" is located.

Step 2:
Open the "XMLChanger.htm" in your template folder. The XMLChanger should be displaying an image and should be working. All areas of this page should be working with your color theme.

Step 3:
REPLACE IMAGES: | Click for more details
This XMLChanger is showing 10 .jpg images in sequential order. You will find these images in the "XMLChanger" folder. You can replace "image1-xml.jpg" through "image10-xml.jpg" with any standard .jpg images and the flash will update. Make your images 575 wide x 350 pixels high. Do not save your images as progressive .jpg images. Save as standard .jpg images.

Edit the "XMLChanger-background.jpg" in the "XMLChanger" folder to replace the right hand image in the XMLChanger. This image is now 750 x 350 pixels, however, you can make this image any width you would like.

Step 4:
You may need to move the date to a location that works for the XMLChanger page. Edit the "date-location" class in the "XMLChanger.css" file in the "XMLChanger" folder. To have no date on the XMLChanger page, edit the "visibility: visible;" to "visibility: hidden;" in the "XMLChanger.css".

Step 5:
To make the XMLChanger page your homepage, move your "index.html" into the template "extras" folder. Rename the "XMLChanger.htm" to "index.html". To use the XMLChanger for another page you can rename the XMLChanger to any page name.


In some cases your XMLChanger may not look right or may need borders depending on your color theme. You can edit the borders in the "XMLChanger.css".

TURNING OFF THE XMLChanger: | Click for more details
The homepage Flash XMLChanger can be switched off in the "XMLChanger.js" file in the XMLChanger folder with a "no" for the "var XMLshowsflash" variable. The XMLChanger page will then display only the "XMLChanger-1.jpg".

The background color and border colors for the XMLChanger can be changed by editing the "XMLChanger.css". Borders and your XMLChanger page height can be edited in this file.

ADDING REMOVING IMAGES: | Click for more details
In the "XMLChanger" folder, edit the "XMLChanger.xml" to add or remove images. For example, remove the following line to have only 9 images.:

<image path="XMLChanger/image10-xml.jpg" />

To add a new image, copy the above line, paste it below itself and edit "image10-xml.jpg" to "image11-xml.jpg". Place an image named "image11-xml.jpg" in the "XMLChanger" folder.

Although you can make copies of the XMLChanger.htm and have multiple pages with the XMLChanger, only one XMLChanger is included. If you require another XML changer see our template add-ons page.

SEQUENTIAL OR RANDOM: | Click for more details
The default for the changer is "sequential". You can edit the "image_changer.xml" and change "sequential" to "random" in the code below:

<gallery TransTime="5" SlideOrder="sequential" FadeTime="3" Loop="yes" Xpos="0" Ypos="0">

OTHER OPTIONS: | Click for more details
See the notes in the "image_changer.xml" for other options you can edit in the line shown above.

TROUBLESHOOTING: | Click for more details
  1. Try doing the above steps again from the start.
  2. Your .jpg images may be saved incorrectly. Click for help for images.
  3. Do not save these .jpg images as "progressive". Be sure to save them as "standard" .jpg images. Try re-saving these images using a "save as" and be sure to select "standard".
  4. You are testing the wrong HTML page.
  5. You are editing on-line files instead of files on your hard drive.
  6. You have edited the wrong images or the template is not unzipped properly.
  7. The "image_changer.xml" is not edited properly with your image names. Double check your work.
  8. You have used uppercase letters in the .jpg file names. Remember that hosting is case sensitive! Double check all file names and the "image_changer.xml" image list.
  9. Changer freezes on one image: In most cases this means that you are missing an image in the "image_changer.xml". Check that all images listed in this file are named correctly and in the correct folder.
  10. If you have uploaded: Remember that hosting areas are case sensitive. Be sure all file and link names match exactly.
  11. NOTE: Always make backup files and test after each edit before you go to another edit. You can always delete your backups later.